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Blazeheart ("TESO") Blazehearts Origins Edit

Blazeheart was founded by Jerichob10 the guilds first "Guild Master". As time progressed an increasingly large amount of people started to request a membership to Blazeheart.

Blazehearts Guild System ​Edit

Blazeheart is based off a newly acknowledged and experimented type of squad system consisting of the two "Guild Masters" Spazzyboy3 & Jerichob10; followed by a set number of "LoreMasters" or "Officers" as they're rarely referred to, and various other ranks that members may work towards and earn. The squad ranks they use consist of the Guild Masters, Squad Leaders, and squad members. A member may have an idea for an essential or useful squad and would post a thread stating the squads name, purpose, amount of members able to join (In most cases the max would be around 8-10) and other various questions that people must answer to apply for membership. Then the squads can play as they wish together alone or with other squads. This gives Blazehearts members to play how they like, but with benefits of the guild such as guild housing, banking, assistance an more. All squads may be called on by a Guild Master or "Platoon Leader" Introduced as a new rank the Platoon Leader is earned by only one member but can be taken if beat by another member in requirements. the Platoon Leader as authority to control all squads just as the Guild Masters can in dire

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